CBT Nuggets Apps and Mobile Access

For your learning convenience, our training can be viewed on the CBT Nuggets app available for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire mobile devices. We also have an Apple TV app compatible with the 4th generation tvOS player. The CBT Nuggets app can be downloaded from your device's respective app store.  


How does it work?

Once you have the CBT Nuggets app installed on your mobile device, login to the app with the same credentials you use to login to CBTNuggets.com and start your training!


Offline Access?

One great feature of our mobile app is the ability to view training offline with no connection to the Internet.

This feature is available with all streaming subscriptions.

To access, you'll first need to get the new CBT Nuggets app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

To save videos for offline viewing:

1. Go to the desired course.

2. Tap on the Action icon located to the right of the video title that you want to download.

3. Tap the Download option.

4. A blue progress icon will appear to the left of the video title when the video begins downloading. 

5. Once the download is completed, the blue progress circle will turn solid green. 

After a video has downloaded, you may watch it anytime, anywhere by going to the Downloads folder in the App.

Once downloaded, videos are available offline for 30 days or until a subscription expires.

To manage downloaded videos:

1. Tap the Menu icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. Or swipe your screen to the right to display the main menu. 

2. Tap the Downloads folder.

3. Tap the Action icon on the right to play or remove videos (if a video in your queue is still downloading, the blue progress icon will appear to the left of the video title). 

Enabling cellular data usage:

We strongly recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection to download videos in order to avoid date overage fees. For that reason, your download preference is automatically set to use Wi-Fi only. If you wish to use your cellular data, here's how:

1. Tap the Menu icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. Or swipe your screen to the right to display the main menu. 

2. Tap the Gear icon next to your name.

3. Under User Controls, tap the Download Preference option.

4. Tap the Always option to use cellular data.  

A bit of useful information-

The offline videos are downloaded over the same protocol that is used to browse the website. If you are able to log in and browse our website, you are using port 443 which is the same port used for downloading offline videos. The endpoint that the Apps use to download videos from is https://cbtn-video-encoded-dlc.s3.amazonaws.com/ so you may want to make sure this URL is not blocked.

With regard to speed, offline files can only be played in the speed that they are downloaded in; the ability to change speeds is not available with offline videos so when downloading make sure that you download videos at the speed(s) that you want to view them in.


Additional Features

The CBT Nuggets app for Android devices includes the ability to cast to a Google ChromeCast device on the same network.  When playing a video, look for the ChromeCast icon  in the upper, right-hand corner of the video player window, tap the icon and choose the device you wish to cast to.



Android/Kindle Fire- Android 4.1 OS and up

iOS- Compatible with iOS 8.0 and up

Apple TV- Compatible with 4th generation tvOS Player

Additional requirement information is included on each app store page for CBT Nuggets apps.  Please contact support@cbtnuggets.com with any questions.





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