Video Won't Play (Learning Management System)

If you access CBT Nuggets courses through a Learning Management System (LMS) using Google Chrome, and the video you want to watch won't load in the CBT Nuggets player, it may be due to an issue with Flash being disabled in Chrome. The newest versions of Chrome have Flash already installed, but you have to enable it before our player can use it. 

To enable Flash, follow these steps in your Chrome browser:

  1. Click on the Chrome menu, and choose Preferences:

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page, and click Advanced to expand additional settings:

  3. Under Privacy and security, select Content settings: 

  4. Select Flash:

  5. Next to Allow, click ADD:

  6. In the Add a site dialog, you'll need to enter the domain of your learning management system. To find the domain, when you are in the LMS, look at the URL in the address bar. Select and copy just the domain name and nothing else that comes after it. Here's an example:

  7. Paste that domain into the Add a site dialog:
  8. Click ADD.
  9. Close the Settings tab in Chrome.
  10. Go back to the CBT Nuggets video player, and refresh the page to continue viewing the video.
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