CBT Nuggets provides Certificates of Completion which document Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned from watching CompTIA courses in our library. In this article, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about CompTIA CEUs.

How is the number of Continuing Education Units calculated for a Certificate of Completion (Certificate) for CBT Nuggets’ CompTIA courses?

Certificates are issued to learners that have completed any eligible CompTIA video course based upon a 1:1 ratio of course hours to CEUs. For example, CBT Nuggets’ CompTIA Network+ N10-006 course is 17 hours. This means that a learner that views this course in its entirety is eligible to receive a Certificate for 17 CEUs.

Is CBT Nuggets able to issue Certificates of Completion for certain non-CompTIA courses?

Yes. Information on pre-approved training courses, including both CompTIA and CEU information for non-CompTIA courses, can be found on CompTIA’s website. You can find specific information on eligible courses broken down by the certification you are seeking to renew.

Is the CEU calculation for non-CompTIA courses the same as CompTIA courses?

Yes. Certificates for eligible non-CompTIA courses are issued on a 1:1 ratio of course hours to CEUs.

What does CBT Nuggets need in order to issue a Certificate?

Once you complete the training, while logged into, click on your name in the upper-right, select "My Account" and then click on the Certificate of Completion link on the left, you'll see your completed courses listed and you can download and print your certificate of completion there.

Where can I find more information about pre-approved training to renew my current CompTIA Certification?

You will find this info listed on CompTIA's website here

Where can I find more general information on CompTIA’s continuing education process?

General information on the Continuing Education Program and renewing your certification can be found on CompTIA’s website.


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