Learner Engagement / Accountability Coaching FAQs

The Learner Experience Team is here to improve your learning experience and provide resources that will help you achieve success on your learning journey. The team provides Accountability Coaches to help guide you to learning resources and periodically check your progress to keep you accountable. Below, you will find frequently asked questions about Accountability Coaching.

Am I eligible for CBT Nuggets' Accountability Coaching?

All CBT Nuggets subscribers are eligible for accountability coaching.  If your workplace is providing you with access to CBT Nuggets training, there's a good chance you're eligible for coaching.

How much does CBT Nuggets coaching cost?

There is no additional cost. It is one of the many benefits included in your subscription.

Are CBT Nuggets coaches technical experts?

No. Our coaches are here to provide you with accountability, motivation, and supplemental learning resources (when available). Coaches will give you with a little tough Nugget love when needed, and they can help direct you to our online study community when you need support with the technical material you're studying.

How often can I talk with a coach?

Coaches typically connect with learners on a monthly basis. But be on your training toes!  You never know when a coach might surprise you with a spontaneous call if they see your training pace slowing, or better yet, to help you celebrate when you've picked up the pace or even earned your certification!

Who should take advantage of CBT Nuggets coaching?

We might have a biased opinion, but we think everyone should consider taking advantage of this excellent, complimentary service.

This sounds awesome! How do I schedule an appointment?

There are three ways to do this (make sure you are signed in to your account):

  • Select My Account under your name in the upper right corner of the site, then select Accountability Coaching from the list on the left.
  • Select Learning Tools > Accountability Coaching and then Get started with coaching.
  • When viewing a course, click Accountability Coaching on the right side of the page, and select Get started.
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    Corey Grant

    how do i ask questions when i don't understand the material in the video?  -corey 

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    Heather Jennings

    Hi Corey, 

    There is a Comments section below the video player on the course page. You can post questions there where other members can weigh in. If you're signed up for coaching, you can ask your coach about joining our Learner study community as well!


    Edited by Heather Jennings
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