Using the License Manager

The information below pertains to administrators with a legacy subscription who use our Viewer License Manager to manage access.

For those administrators managing a current 'Learner' subscription your learners are managed differently.  After selecting Your Account from the drop-down you'll go to Manage Learners and just add them there.  You can see this process detailed in the PDF guide below-


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    License Manager

    License admins can use the License Manager to manage viewers and their access to training. 

    Sign in to the website and click your name (top right corner of screen). A drop-down menu will appear; select "My Account." From the "My Account" Screen, click the "Viewer License Manager" link on the left side of the screen.


    To add viewers:

    Click the "Viewers" tab. In the text box beneath "Add Viewer," enter the person's email address. If they don't have an account on our site then you'll be prompted to let us create it. (no prompt = they already had an account and you've now just linked it to your license). If we create a new account, the viewer will get an email saying its been created and the email contains a link to get them to our site and set a password. (Note: These emails sometimes disappear into spam or corporate email filters. We recommend you send an internal email to the Viewer letting them know to expect our email and how to access the training.)

    If they already had an account they will still receive an email (if you leave the "Send E-mail Notification" box checked) letting them know they've been linked to the license, but the email won't include new account instructions.


    To give a viewer access to specific training: 

    Click the viewer's name. Click "Assign Products." Click the subscription to see a list of the available courses. Select the courses you want to give access to and then click "Save." Remember that when new training courses are released, you will have to add this course to a viewer's assigned products for them to be able to view it. 

    To give a viewer access to all training, select the box next to the subscription name, and click "Save." 


    To create groups:

    Go to the Groups tab. In the text box beneath "Add Group," enter the name you want to give the group and click "Add." The group name will appear in the black box. To add viewers to this group, click the plus icon next to the group name. In the expanded box, you'll see all of your viewers. Select the viewers you would like to have access to all training and click "Save." Then click the "Assign Products" tab. 

    Remember that when new training courses are released, you will have to add this course to the group's assigned products in order for viewers of that group to access the training.


    To give a group access to all training:

    Create a group as outlined above. In the "Assign Products" tab, select the box next to the subscription name, and click "Save." 


    Click the "Reports" link on the Your Account page to run a usage report (Master Log tab) for viewers. You can view the report on-screen or export it to a CSV (comma separated values) file. The "Completion"  tab allows you to see which videos viewers have fully completed.  Select "Keywords" to filter by Viewer, Course or Group.  


    Making changes:

    The "Send Email Notification" check-box is also in effect when you make any changes to a Viewer or Group. For example, when you assign a course to a viewer, they'll get an email letting them know. Toggle this check-box on or off as needed.


    Deleting viewers: 

    Adding a viewer account links that account to your license. The "Delete Viewer" link beside their entry DOES NOT DELETE their account, it only un-links it from your license. 

    Make a viewer an admin:

    After adding a Viewer and refreshing the page (F5 in most browsers), you'll see a "Make Admin" link next to the viewer's name.  If you make a viewer an admin, they will have the ability to add viewers, create groups, assign training, run reports, etc.


    Note for NAS (Nugget Archive Server) administrators:

    In your "Available Products" side you'll see an entry for each annual product subscription.  Each year you do have one extra step: You will need to add the new annual subscription to the group.

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