Legacy products (CDs/DVDs)

For products released in or after 2012 we have changed the format of our electronic download products including a new menu page and a new file format. 


If you purchased your product for electronic delivery:


To download a replacement "electronic delivery" order from your account, please sign in to your account on our site, click on your member name and select "My Account" from the drop-down menu then the Video File Downloads link. Select the file to download and then select a location to save it to and enter a filename (it doesn't carry over from the account page).

NOTE: IF you get a 'file validation failed' message. In almost every case the file has downloaded successfully and this is an issue on our side. (we would appreciate it if you would email support@cbtnuggets.com and let us know which file you were downloading when you got this message).

After you've downloaded the file to a directory on your machine, explore to that directory, right-click the .zip file and select "extract all." You will be prompted for a location to extract the contents into. You can use an existing directory or (preferably) create a new directory for it.  If the download is a 2-part file, both must be extracted into the same directory.

Accessing the videos


To bring up the menu, just navigate to the CD/DVD or the directory where you put the extracted files and double-click Start.html.  This will launch the Main Menu in your default browser.



Firefox may not support the encoding in our mp4s. On a Mac it should fail through and use Quicktime, but you do lose some functionality.  If Firefox is your default browser, you can right-click Start.html and select "Open With" - any other browser  to see if that gives you a better experience.

On Windows 7 our mp4s will play in Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12).

For earlier Windows versions that only support Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) you will need to install Apple's Quicktime Player. We have tested version 7.7.1 on a Windows Vista machine.

Accessing the Videos If you have an older CD/DVD or Download

To bring up the menu, navigate to the CD/DVD or the directory where you put the extracted files, select the \files subdirectory, and double-click frameset.html to bring up the menu. Note: Our menu is built using html so it will open in a browser window. Accept the message to Allow Active Content if prompted.

NOTE: if you receive a message that a security component could not be updated OR the Play button does not activate, follow the procedures at the top of this document to download a replacement copy of the product from your account, or contact support. 

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