Can CBT Nuggets Guarantee That I Will Pass My Exam

CBT Nuggets provides the resources needed for a successful exam experience. However, since our learning experience is self paced, we do not offer an exam pass guarantee.

We encourage all learners to take advantage of the resources available through their subscription including Accountability Coaching and our online Learner Community.

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    Sunniva Byrne

    What happen if you buy a car and have a crash ?

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    Keith Hayes

    Lol. You brush up on what you missed. Then schedule another crack at the exam YOU floundered!!! Historically I have been a horrible test taker. I have taken 3 certification exams within the last 2 yrs and have passed all on the first take. And I am not the sharpest nail in the coffin. Nuggets addresses my learning style completely. If I had this when I was coming up through grade school I would have enjoyed learning a deal more and been a much better student. As a matter of fact this form of learning will soon replace the everyday dropping off our kids at school in addition to the safety of it all.

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