What are Validated Minutes? Your CBT Nuggets subscription includes quizzes embedded in the course videos. When you take quizzes and answer questions correctly, you can earn Validated Minutes. 

Validated Minutes represent the portion of the video for which you have demonstrated understanding by correctly answering a quiz question. If you watch two minutes of a video and correctly answer the associated quiz question, you earn two Validated Minutes. You can also earn Validated Minutes by taking the quizzes without watching the video.

Validated minutes are measured from the beginning of the video to the first question, and then from the end of the previous question to the beginning of the next question.


How do I turn quiz notifications on or off? Quizzes are always accessible in the video player. If you want to turn on or off notifications that will alert you to quiz questions during video play, click on the check mark icon in the bottom right corner of the the video player menu. If this icon is missing, your team administrator has required notifications for the team. You’ll be notified when a question appears in the video, and if you choose to answer it, the video will pause until you resume.


How do I get to the quiz questions without watching the videos? To skip directly to the quiz questions: Go to the course and select the quiz tab, located just beneath the video player.

You can also go to the the video tab and select the quiz button located under the course title and description, or use the ellipses next to any video in the video listing to select “Take quiz.”


Can I retake quizzes? Yes, you can retake a quiz by either watching the video again or navigating directly to the quiz questions. You will not lose Validated Minutes on a quiz if you incorrectly answer a quiz question you previously answered correctly.  


Do I need to watch the video to earn Validated Minutes? No, if you already know the material, you can take the quiz and earn Validated Minutes without watching the video.


Do I need Validated Minutes to qualify for course completion certificates? No, course completion is based on minutes watched, not Validated Minutes.


How do I manage the quizzes function for my team? As a team administrator, you have the ability to easily turn notifications on for your entire team. In the My Account section, in the Profile tab, under the heading Preferences, check the box that says, “Require question prompts.”


How can I report a question if something is wrong?  Every quiz has “report question” links at the bottom right corner of each question. These links will take you to a form where you can describe the issue. Reported questions will be reviewed and revised - if necessary - within 30 days.

You will never lose points on a quiz you’ve already taken, even if the answer changes.


Which courses have quizzes? Every course we release from today forward will include quizzes. We have also added quizzes to our most popular courses.


Who creates the quiz questions? All courses from today forward will include quizzes with questions designed by the expert trainers who created the course.


Where can I (or my team lead) see my Validated Minutes? Your Validated Minutes display in Stats section of your My Training page and in the leaderboard.

You can get to the leaderboard by clicking on the leaderboard link in the Stats section. Once you’re in the leaderboard, you can toggle between a view of your team leaderboard and the public leaderboard.

The public leaderboard lists the top 25 earners of Validated Minutes among all CBT Nuggets learners.


Is the leaderboard optional?  

Participating in the public leaderboard is optional. By default, your training scores aren’t posted in the public leaderboard. You can make your scores eligible to appear on the public leaderboard by navigating to your profile page, in the “My Account” section and selecting the “Display on public leaderboard” box under the “Preferences” heading.

The team leaderboard lists all members of your team and their validated minutes, or the top 25 validated minutes earners on your team if your team has more than 25 members. If your team is more than 25 members and you are not in the top 25, your name will appear on your leaderboard as a final line, with your ranking listed. You cannot opt out of the team leaderboard.


How do I change my leaderboard name? Your full first and last name are the default display option for both the team and the public leaderboard. You can change how your name displays in the leaderboard by changing the “Display Name” field within the Profile section, under “My Account.”


Which CBT Nuggets courses include quiz questions? You can see our growing list of courses that include quiz questions here.


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    Meet Patel

    Great Explanation, after reading this, no questions needed to ask. very brief and simple article.

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    Ali Fazel

    I'm doing the Python series right now. There's no quizzes so far, so nothing is validated :(


    No question, just wanted to say that.

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    Heather Jennings

     Hi Ali, 

    We started adding quiz questions to new courses at the end of last year, so you may come across some that don't include a quiz from time to time. You can check out all courses that do include quiz questions listed here.

    If we can help with any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out through live chat, email at support@cbtnuggets.com, or phone at 541-284-5522.



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    Jason Fitzgerald
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