Sales Tax

Why am I being charged tax?

Some states’ laws require that retailers of digital goods, including streaming digital goods, charge tax on all sales made in that state. Some states may also charge sales tax for physical goods, such as the Nugget Learning Server. A sale is considered to be made within a state if the purchaser's address is in that state and the service/device will be used in that state.

How is the tax calculated?

Sales tax is calculated based on the price of your purchase, the current tax rate designated by the state assessing the tax, and your specific locality. State and locality tax rates can change quarterly. When a price quote is provided, the tax quoted is valid for the time at which the quote was issued and may vary from the actual tax charged, depending on when the sale takes place.

What documentation is required to prove tax-exempt status?

All purchasers seeking exemption must submit to CBT Nuggets an appropriate exemption certificate, according to their state's regulations. Here you will find a link to forms for Washington. California residents should provide the appropriate certificate for their specific exemption type.

How do I place an order that is tax-exempt?

To place a tax-exempt order, first submit the exemption certificate and contact information to CBT Nuggets will contact you within five business days to let you know that you are cleared to submit your purchase order or, if you are paying via credit card, to assist you in completing your order. We cannot remove sales tax from PayPal orders.

Who do I contact for other sales tax questions?

Please send all queries to Be sure to include your contact information.


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